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Why funeral cover?

Like it or not, death is a part of life and something that must be planned for. Buying a funeral policy for you and your family should not be a grudge purchase. It’s about you protecting your family against the financial burden of funeral expenses in the event of the death of a loved one. Often when you die your estate needs to be wrapped up and that can take as long as a year. Even insurance policies take up to a month to pay out. Funeral plans pay out within 48 hours – giving you money when you need it the most.

What funeral cover can do for your family

Think about it. If you are the sole breadwinner then your salary pays for rent, groceries, utilities, travel costs, school fees, clothes – the list is endless. Then one day, you might not be here anymore. Not only will your family have to cope with losing a loved one, they’ll also have to take care of the funeral. If the funeral costs are less than the amount paid out then the rest of the money can be used for other family needs like groceries, rent, school fees and transport.

As a contributing CRF member, you and your immediate family automatically qualify for funeral cover until you turn 75 years old if you remain in service after attaining the age of 65.

Should you however pass away or become permanently disabled before retirement, the cover will continue up until the date that you would have retired.

The funeral cover in the CRF is an insured benefit and will pay out in the following way if you or one of your immediate family members should die:

Member/Spouse/Unmarried Children between 11 and 21 years of age R25 000
If children are between 21 and 26 and are full time students, they also qualify R25 000
Children between 1 and 11 years of age R10 000
Children younger than 1, including stillborn (provided that the pregnancy term is between 26 weeks and full gestation) R6 500

CRF members and their families are also covered for the repatriation benefit which takes care of transporting the mortal remains of the deceased, only within the borders of South Africa to the place of the burial also within the borders of South Africa.

Need more Funeral cover?

Members of the CRF can extend their funeral cover up to R40 000, as well as take out cover for parents, parents-in-law and 9 other extended family members. Please read about this cover on the Fund’s website on

Part of the information was sourced from the Sanlam Funeral Cover website

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