Regardless of your risk category you chose, as a contributing CRF member, you have funeral cover up to the age of 75.

This benefit will cover you, your spouse, and your children for the following amounts effective 1 July 2018:

Insured Person Funeral Cover Important to remember
Member R26 500 Cover ceases at the age of 75
Spouse R26 500 Cover ceases at the age of 75
Children (21 – 26) R26 500 Provided that the child is unmarried if under the age of 21, or is unmarried and a full-time student if under the age of 26
Children (11-21) R26 500
Children (1-11) R11 750
Children (0-1) R7 900 Stillborn children are also covered, provided that the pregnancy term is between 26 weeks and full gestation

Important facts to remember about your funeral cover:

  • Should you pass away before retirement, your dependants will remain covered until you would have reached the age of 65
  • Should you apply for a lump sum disability benefit and the insurer approves your claim, you and your dependants keep the funeral cover until you reach the age of 65
  • You have a repatriation benefit which takes care of transporting the mortal remains of the deceased to the place of the burial within the borders of South Africa
  • The insurer requires that notice of the claim needs to be given within six months of the date of death

Need more cover – we have Value Added Benefits!
You can apply for our Extended Funeral Cover and increase your existing cover to R 41 500. You can also take out cover for 13 other family members. The table below shows the level of cover and the amount payable when applying for the Extended Funeral Cover:

Funeral Plan Age Cover and Premium
R5 000 R 10 000 R 15 000
Immediate Family (extension of current benefit which includes yourself, spouse, and children) Cover for children is restricted by legislation please refer to the table below *(please refer to the note below *) R18 R36 R54
Parents: are defined as parents and parents in law (up to four) Up to the age of 75 R 32 R 64 R 97
Extended Family Members** Up to the age of 75 R35 R70 R105

* Please refer to the extended funeral cover brochure below to confirm who qualifies as an extended family member.

** Cover for children is restricted by legislation.

Take note of the following:

  • The monthly premium will be deducted by debit order and will be an agreement between yourself and the insurer (Metropolitan)
  • If a monthly payment is missed, the policy will lapse and you will not be covered for the funeral benefit until the insurer receives your next premium and confirms that your benefit has been reinstated
  • The member and the insured family must live in South Africa
  • Click below for more information on the Extended Funeral Policy or view the policy contract

Extended Funeral Cover user guide and contract
Consolidated Retirement Fund Brochure Funeral