The voting process for the trustee elections is now complete.

The CRF wishes to thank all members who took the trouble to participate in this new election method. The intention was to provide an opportunity for wider, more democratic involvement.

Congratulations to the newly elected trustees. The CRF welcomes you and we look forward to your valuable contributions in continuing to manage the CRF to the benefit of our members.

The newly elected (7A) Board of Trustees officially take office on the 6th of April 2019.

The following trustees were elected by the members and councillors:

Western Cape Member Trustees:

  • Mr L Mbandazayo
  • Mr SA Mokweni
  • Mr ET Scott
  • Mr FA Willemse

Western Cape Councillor Trustees:

  • Mr IR Iversen
  • Ms C Meyer

Eastern Cape Member Trustees:

  • Mr PJS Gouws
  • Mr AM Owen

Eastern Cape Councillor Trustee:

  • Mr SN Toni

Northern Region Member Trustees (uncontested only two nominations received):

  • Mr TA Loko
  • Mr JJ Wagner

Northern Region Councillor Trustee:

  • Mr PJF Louw