Multiply Wellness and Rewards Programme

The CRF has negotiated with its insurer, Momentum, to extend their Multiply Wellness and Rewards Programme to all our members as a value-added benefit.

All CRF members will be granted Multiply starter membership free of charge by default. The Multiply Starter option has fewer and lower discounts, but you will still enjoy many useful benefits.

CRF members have the option to upgrade to Multiply Premier at any time whereby the subscription will be paid directly to the Insurer. The monthly subscriptions for the Multiply Premier option are as follows:

  • Single member R221
  • Family of two R272
  • Family of three or more R302

To upgrade to the Multiply Premier option, SMS ‘JOIN’ to 40717, whereafter the insurer will be in contact with you directly.

Should you opt to join Multiply Premier option you will qualify you for discounts on the following:
• Airfares
• Car hire
• Hotel accommodation
• Gym membership
• Online shopping vouchers
• Movie tickets
• Fitness devices
• Electronics and appliances
• Groceries and health products
• Magazines
• Safety security

Click here for more information on the Multiply Starter benefits.

Click here for more information on the Multiply Premier benefits.