Family Assistance Benefit

This is a free support service available to members of the CRF and their immediate family including spouse, children, parents and parents-in-law.

To claim for the family assistance benefit, call 0861 66 6111, confirm scheme and membership details: I.e. CRF and give the member pension number.

 On bereavement, this benefit offers the following:

  • Funeral assistance service

Provides support during a traumatic and difficult time by assisting with certain aspects of the funeral arrangements, which allows the family to deal with their grief and not worry about funeral details.

  • Bereavement counselling

The insurer provides telephonic bereavement counselling and refers the bereaved family for face-to-face counselling services for support and advice.

  • Transportation of the deceased family member

This service assists with the arrangement of documentation for transportation of the deceased family member’s mortal remains to the funeral home nearest to his/her regular place of residence within the borders of South Africa.

  • Legal advice on any matter (limited to a free 30-minute consultation)

Legal assistance is a 24-hour helpline and attorney-referral service. The Line is manned by experienced attorneys who are able to provide guidance and information on all legal matters. Criminal offences, fines, debt, contracts, divorce, and maintenance, are just some of the issues on which advice is given.

  • A range of legal documentation

Over and above the legal assistance helpline, a number of relevant standard legal documents can also be provided, namely:

·          Small Claims Court kit ·          Child maintenance kit
·          Domestic employment agreement ·          Lease agreement
·          Purchase agreement ·          Will and testament


  • In the event of trauma, this benefit can be used to assist with the following:
    • trauma, assault, HIV protection
    • emergency medical services